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Welcome!  I am an economist with a doctorate from Oxford University and 9 years of private sector, development, and academic experience.  My research specialties are in macroeconomics, trade, and investment. Specifically, my research has focused on financial macroeconomics and the economics of productivity growth and technology.  I have proficiency in a wide range of economic topics, from economic development to climate change mitigation to water and logging policy.  

Research Interests:
Primary Research Interests:       
Economic growth and development, productivity and technology,  financial economics, and macroeconomics
Secondary Research Interests:  
Climate change mitigation, behavioural economics, and economic history

Contact Information:

I am currently available for projects in Europe and the United States. I have the right to work in the US, the UK, and the EU without the need for sponsorship.

Email:   n.e.w.woolley <at>

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